Feng Shui for your Car

When most people think Feng Shui, they think about their homes. But did you know that you should consider Feng Shui for your car as well? Why? North Americans spend A LOT of time in their cars! Unfortunately, most cities on this continent are designed around our favorite mode of transportation, meaning we spend, on average, about 15 hours a week in our vehicles. That means they have a big influence on our chi.

So what does good Feng Shui for your car look like? For the most part, it looks a bit like Feng Shui for your house. To make your car as energetically favorable as possible you should:

  • Clear out your car clutter. At this time of the year my car is full of what seems like an entire tickle trunk of clothing and accessories; extra gloves, scarves, headbands, a down vest, a gortex shell, sunglasses. I seem to have something for every weather possibility. I think it might be safe to clear out the winter stuff. I hope.
  • Keep it clean. Walking up to and getting into a clean car just feels better. Give your baby a good spring cleaning. If you can afford it, having your car professionally detailed is a fantastic option.
  • Make sure your car is in good running order. Our environments are a reflection of self. If your car isn’t being cared for, you are probably not caring as much for your self as you should be. Give it a spring tune up.
  • Name your car. Cars and other objects that are named actually last longer and break down less. Sounds crazy but it is true. My burgundy Mazda 3 is named Ruby, after one of my favorite Naramata wineries Ruby Blues.


  • Choose a car that compliments or balances your energy. I’m a very metal element person. My last car was the first blue one I’d ever owned and it wasn’t my luckiest, too cool for me but perfect for my water element son. So this time, it was back to red, a fiery color that I feel helps to warm up and soften my cool metal nature.
  • Protect your car energetically. You have lots of options. BTB Feng Shui offers some car specific blessing ceremonies which you can contact me to help you with. You can also visualize white light surrounding your car, or hang a small Feng Shui crystal ball in your car with the intention of safety for you and all around you.

April is car care month, so give your car some love and give it a little Feng Shui tune up this month. You’ll both run better.

Does your car have a name?

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