The 27 Day Clutter Clearing Challenge

Your daily guide to clutter freedom!

cluttered garageDo you control the stuff in your life or is it starting to control you?

Do you shield your eyes from certain parts of your home because it seems too overwhelming?

Is it easier to just close the door on some rooms than to go in there and deal with the mess?

Hey, we all have stuff. We like stuff. But at some point, no matter how organized you are, too much is just too much. Too much to tidy around, too much to dust, too much to file, shelve, store or organize. Sooner or later, you simply have to

Take control of your stuff!

As much as it seems easier to ignore it and move on, clutter costs you. It costs money, and it causes stress, which ultimately affects your mental and physical health. That is a big price to pay for not dealing with your junk!

I’m Mia Staysko, the publisher of Living Feng Shui Magazine and the curator of the Living Feng Shui blog. As a homeowner, designer and a Feng Shui expert I know that there are a few tricks to conquering clutter. The first one is to simply get started. If you are checking out this page, you’ve taken one step closer to freedom. The second trick? Take it one step at a time, in small bites. Lastly, don’t go it alone. In the same way that it is easier to get to the gym when someone is waiting for you, getting a little motivation to keep you going can be a big help.

That is where my $9 mini-course comes in!

For 27 days I will be your virtual clutter clearing coach, helping you to plow through your piles one tiny task at a time. I know first hand how effective this strategy can be because I created this mini-course after doing this challenge in my own home.

What you’ll get in your $9 mini-course:

  • A daily challenge. Each day for 27 days you’ll receive an email with an easy to accomplish task that will get you one step closer to a clutter free home.
  • A glimpse into my own clutter challenge process. Proof that it is possible to make an impact one little job at a time.
  • Motivation! Sure, you could do this alone, but have you? I’ll provide you with guidance, support and inspiration – to keep you going.

The biggest benefit though? A Clutter Free Home!

Here’s what participants are saying:
“I must confess that I don’t seem to keep following most of these types of challenges for very long…but yours is so delightful.  I look forward to the challenge, to opening your email and reading what you have presented for the day, I love the way it is written, the format you have chosen, the pictures you include, and I feel good about doing something it is 27 days…well on our way!!
Thank you Mia for this!!”
“Hi Mia, I have just received your 27th clutter free email and want to say thank you…. It has been like a breath of fresh air in the areas that I have worked on. Thanks”