7 Reasons to Start Your Own Grow Op!

Food is big business, and much of what goes into producing it goes on way out of site, making it difficult if not impossible to know what you are eating. The solution? Start a veggie grow op!


Growing your own food is easy and rewarding. Even a small yard can provide a significant amount of fresh food for a family. A larger plot provides enough to share. There are so many benefits to gardening that will enhance your chi including:

1. Exercise! Gardening can be easy, or more labor intensive, depending on how you go about it. While a few pots of herbs may not net you much in the way of exercise, a full garden plot definitely will. You can choose how much effort you want to put in, but if you want a bit more activity, plant a full blown garden.

2. Gardening gives you a reason to get outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine are vital to maintaining healthy and balanced chi. Unfortunately we are spending more time indoors than ever. Tending a garden gives us reasons daily to get out into our yards. When we are out in our yard we are also more likely to forge relationships with our neighbors.

3. Chemical free food. Although you may never technically be able to label your food ‘organic’, growing your own does give you the ability to consciously choose what goes into and on your food.

4. Should you choose to participate, you can help the planet to maintain it’s already suffering bio-genetic diversity. Seeds are big business and domination of the food supply is already happening. By choosing to grow heritage and endangered varieties you can help to preserve seeds, which some day may hold the key to our survival.

74239_181242552030582_1725738229_n5. Connect with the Earth. If you don’t mind a little dirt (and you are not using shovels or sharp hoes) garden in your bare feet. The move away from leather soles in our shoes means few of us ever plant our feet on the earth, thereby connecting with her magnetic and energetic field. There are huge healing benefits – it’s called ‘getting grounded’ for a reason!

6. When you are in control of what is currently ‘in season’, you can grow foods you like to eat. You can also try a variety of the same foods. Like tomatoes? There are hundreds of varieties that you can grow that you will never find in your local supermarket – varieties that taste better and that have more nutrition too.

7. Savor the flavors. Truly fresh food, grown with love and attention tastes better.

Have I convinced you yet? Think you don’t have the time, or the space?

Watch for my next post on creative ways to sneak your veggies in to your yard.

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