The Face of the Fire Element

The five Chinese Elements are commonly used to help to balance a space when incorporating Feng Shui. These elements are not just materials but rather phases of development or movement. They represent the cyclical nature of the Universe and can be used to describe each phase of every process. From birth to death, life can be described by the five Elements.

Because humans are a living process, we too can find ourselves in the five Elements. While we each express the energy of all five, one or two will be most strongly expressed through us. We can recognize our own elemental expression through our personality and our physical features.

My friend Tracy Makarenko strongly expresses the fire element and it is quite noticeable in her physical features.

Tracy is bright, animated and red headed. She has sparkly eyes and crows feet that extend upward, rather than downward. Her chin, eyes, nose and mouth are pointy, like the tips of a flame. When she is excited or upset she ‘flushes’, the heat rises out of her body turning her skin bright red, beginning at her heart (the fire organ) and rising to her face.

The fire personality is warm and engaging and people are often drawn towards this elemental type. They are intuitive and empathetic and love the transformative process. This describes Tracy perfectly, as she is a highly intuitive healer. Fire types can struggle with boundaries and for Tracy learning not to absorb her client’s troubles has likely been an important life lesson.

These folks also like to be seen, and Tracy has been working tirelessly this year to expand her influence with her radio show, through social media, and also in an upcoming book. Fire is hard to ignore.

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On Nov 13th I will be talking with Tracy on her 7th Wave Radio show Healing Possibilities about each of the elemental archetypes and how they might better stay balanced over the holiday season. Join us and see if you can recognize your own leading element!



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