The Face of the Fire Element

The five Chinese Elements are commonly used to help to balance a space when incorporating Feng Shui. These elements are not just materials but rather phases of development [...]

Rowing your Own Boat.

I spent much of this weekend at a workshop with the creator of Spring Forest Qi Gong, Master Chunyi Lin. He was in Calgary this weekend to speak [...]

The Intangible Quality of Craftsmanship

Anyone who knows me understands that I can absolutely swoon over a beautifully crafted item. When an item is made with love and attention to detail you can [...]

108 Chi Changing Things

While in Puerto Vallarta this week on a little girls getaway I met a fascinating young woman named Marci Nault. Marci has an interesting life and appears to [...]

H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun

Professor receives the honor of the White Hat in Calgary, 2009The BTB Feng Shui community is in mourning this week over the loss of the beloved Grandmaster, Professor [...]