Feng Shui

Boost your Luck for the start of the Chinese New Year!

This post aims at giving you a simple technique to start the Chinese New Year on the right foot, with some boost of luck in the first four [...]

I see trees of green and red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you…and I think to myself what a wonderful world… Flowers, chocolates, a [...]

Preparing for the Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching and this month of the Wood Ox is a perfect time to prepare for it. There are different steps you can [...]

The Seventh Lunar Month (August 7 to September 4 this year, 2013) is known throughout Asia as the “Hungry Ghost Month” or “Zhong Yuan Jie” is a time [...]

Ammolite for Feng Shui – A True Canadian Gem

Ammolite is a gem found right near my home in Alberta. Formed in beautiful spirals, they are the fossilized shells of the giant mollusks (Ammonites, just to be [...]

Feng Shui Flowers – The Peony

I simply love this time of the year in Calgary. We’ve usually had our summer’s highest rainfalls (though this year we had serious overkill) meaning the countryside all [...]

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