Build Your Wealth with the Magic of Number 8

What do Success, Prosperity, Faith, Trust and Action all have in common?
1.    They all add up to a number 8 vibration
2.    They all represent essential elements of the magic of number 8

Since ancient times 8 has been known as the number of material abundance and worldly success. Yet to reap the benefits of 8 it is necessary to maintain exquisite balance between the material world and the spiritual world. – “As Above, So Below”.

Number 88 is the number of trade, commerce and finance. When I’m helping clients choose a date to incorporate or register their business I always look for an 8 day since that will set up an 8 life path for their business and position them for positive returns on their investment.  I often guide them in choosing an 8 name for their business as well, as long as that name connects energetically with their target market and supports their mission statement.

Some people I meet find the world of business and finance uncomfortable, perhaps even intimidating or overwhelming. They may have an 8 karmic lesson and are by nature not comfortable or confident in this world. They may have had setbacks in their personal finances and feel discouraged by difficulties in “getting ahead”.

Some have an 8 life path or day of birth and find that life brings them many opportunities to connect with the financial world. For example I recently presented a workplace team-building session at a local bank. More than one-third of their staff members have their birthday on the 17th or 26th of the month.

Whether they are in business or not, many people want to know more about the energy of prosperity, and some want to break a cycle of debt. Very often they are aware of the connection between money and the number 8 but they may not know how to make it work for them.

It’s important to me to share information about the nature of 8 – the spiritual principles, karmic requirements, and human constructs that help us to connect with its energy – as well as the proactive choices that will help us avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of this number.

But 8 is extraordinary, and working in harmony with its energy can transform your life. For several years now the Universe has been nudging, whispering, nagging, more recently, shouting and encouraging me to give 8 a starring role in a workshop, to help more people gain access to this powerful energy.

Finally, just before the “cosmic 2 by 4” came down on my head, I created a workshop and presented it in Ottawa last fall. It was a great success, and the Universe was pleased – but once was not enough.

I’m thrilled to invite you to The Magic of 8 in Calgary on August 8, 2013, at Self Connection on Bowness Road NW., Calgary.

We will look at Success, Prosperity, Faith, Trust, and Action, along with several other essential elements that must be present for you to connect with number 8. We will look at your Life Path and Personal Year, and how they affect your relationship with money and authentic power.

We will explore the “As Above” part of 8 – the spiritual laws and karmic requirements that will keep you in the flow, and the “So Below”, the practical strategies that you can implement right away.

Whether 8 is present in your profile or not you will learn new ways to connect with its energy and move forward.

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  • norman bonds July 26, 2016, 7:58 am

    I was born 9/28/1958″i married 3/8/1980 my wife died 2/26/1988 what do this mranmean and i will soon be 58 years old and I’ve had a bad life and bad luck up until. Now!


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