2014 Working with the energy of a number 7 year!  Shhh – It’s A Secret!!!

Does it feel like you’ve shifted gears? Like the momentum has changed?

The 6 energy of 2013 was emotional, with a capital E! (Especially in December!) Welcome the more rational energy of 2014 and the number 7.

As a personal year, the 7 is seen as a plateau, a place where we pause to consider how far we have come, consolidate our gains, gather information, weigh our options, and make plans that we hope will keep us moving forward. It often brings us opportunities to slow down, rest and recharge. When we follow the quiet guidance of 7 it helps us to get clear on the best course of action.

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As a calendar year its effects will be the same, but of course will play out differently on the global scene. Because the number 7 deals so much with the mind, many people, organizations, and governments will feel the need to examine issues they would rather not deal with, to reflect on their own connection with these issues and above all seek the truth.

In Canada for example, that could mean that before the year is over we will emerge with a clearer picture of the truth and growing intolerance for lack of transparency and accountability from elected leaders in all levels of government. With the 7, standards of behaviour are high and tolerance for lack of decorum is very low. In fact it’s possible that the ridiculous charade that we call “Question Period” could start changing into something that is more meaningful and productive as well as more respectful to all Canadians.  In a 7 personal year we seek order and discipline for our own lives, and in a 7 calendar year we demand no less of elected officials who have promised to serve the greater good.

Gifts of analysis and discernment tend to come forward with the number 7. It is a good time to tackle major issues and “heavy” subjects. This is a year when world leaders are well positioned to study current issues, arrive at viable solutions, and weigh the ethical, social, and financial costs and benefits of proposed initiatives.

Another element of 7 is that it calls us to avoid disclosure of information.  In terms of international politics, this could mean that there will be surprises in store, some desirable and some not so desirable, and that these will become evident closer to 2015. Optimistically, it could bring about a great deal of behind the scenes deliberation and problem solving as leaders tackle some of the major problems facing the world today. For example, 7 has a strong scientific theme that could bring some innovative approach to dealing with environmental issues such as climate change or the radiation leak at Fukushima.

I realize that the Olympics has a schedule of its own, but my opinion is that this is not a good year to hold these games and I do have some concerns about possible problems with both security and diplomacy, especially since they are being held in Russia. (Interestingly, I watched the news just a couple of hours after writing this paragraph, and learned of a bombing incident at a Russian train station.)

7 is a cautious number. It calls us to make our plans carefully and be patient with the process. In terms of social or political reform, we may find that things are not moving as quickly as we would like, and that the truth is not being revealed or proposed changes and improvements are not being implemented It may seem as though the planning stage is taking far too long. My sense is that a lot of action will take place behind the scenes. The momentum will start to build after the summer solstice, and we will become very aware of plans turning to action in October and November, as we get closer to the calendar year.  We will not likely see results early in the year at all.

The world lost a great leader and role model when Nelson Mandela left us. The current Dalai Lama is aging and will not be with us indefinitely. People are starting to notice some good leadership from the new Pope. I believe that before the end of this year we will see some new leaders emerging on both the national and international scene. This is not a good year for glitzy “charisma”. The 7 energy is highly discriminating, and these emerging leaders are most likely to be men and women of substance. To make the grade, they will need to be men and women who possess both knowledge and wisdom, who have proven themselves in one arena and are ready to step into a position of greater influence.

Industries that are most likely to benefit from the 7 energy include:

  • Universities and Museums  (This could be a great year for fundraising)
  • Religious Institutions may see a rise in attendance
  • Science and Medical research
  • Investigative journalism and Private Investigation
  • Metaphysical Seminars and Workshops, and Psychic Practitioners

Since You Asked…

How can I work effectively with the energy of 2014?

The number 7 is spiritual and intuitive. This is not a year to struggle and strive. Set your intention, seek information, and lay the ground work. Then step back and allow things to come in perfect Divine Timing. Number 7 calls us to maintain our faith regardless of what is immediately visible to us.

You may enjoy joining a study group this year or doing some self-guided study in an area of interest. It will be a good year to connect with others who are on a spiritual path, or to take a course in meditation.

Finally, thoughts are energy, thoughts are real, and thoughts are powerful. If your spiritual practice includes prayer, meditation, and positive affirmation, you will be strongly supported by this dominant energy field.

What will you do with 2014?

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